Scar Camouflage

Scar camouflage
Permanent makeup C_section scar camouflage

Men and women can benefit from restoring color to visible scars left from face lift surgeries, burns or accidents. Many scars are in front of the ears and some in the hairline or eyebrows, resulting in permanent hair loss. With permanent makeup, flesh tones can be re-pigmented and hair strokes can be simulated to restore a more natural look and allow more choices in hair styles.

Another popular set of permanent cosmetics procedures, camouflage of C-section, stretch marks and areola scars, may give women restored confidence to wear more revealing clothes and bikinis as well as greater confidence in the bedroom.

Typically, a permanent makeup scar camouflage procedure involves several visits. During the first visit, the scar is evaluated and test patches of pigment are applied to determine appropriate coloring. Several more visits are necessary to apply and fine tune the pigmentation.

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Permanent makeup scar camouflage 1

Scalp scar from the facelift

Permanent makeup scar camouflage 2

Facelift scars

Permanent makeup scar camouflage 3

Eyebrow "lift" scar camouflaged and hairstroke eyebrows added

Permanent makeup scar camouflage 4

Male client with a small scar from dermabrasion under the lip

Permanent makeup scar camouflage 5

Accident scar

Permanent makeup scar camouflage 6

SURGICAL SCAR: Basal cell carcinoma scar. Hair is simulated over scar area.

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Our Med Spa Staff

Our staff includes estheticians, cosmetologists and makeup artists, certified and licensed by the State of Illinois.

They were thoroughly trained and mentored in the art of permanent makeup by Elena Astor and work under Dr.Syed Naveed's supervision.

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"Dear Elena,

I would like to start this letter by thanking you for all you've done for not only my appearance but my confidence level as well. Your professionalism and beautiful , artistic attention to detail is immeasurable and incomparable to all others who try to compete with you in this field. I researched and consulted with several other permanent cosmetic artists before I decided that you were the absolute best top of the line expert in permanent cosmetic application. My eyebrows, eyeliner and full lip color look so amazingly natural, people compliment me frequently, when I tell them its permanent cosmetics they are "blown away" by the precision of your work. you have my permission to use any photos of me that you would like . Again Thank you so much for everything you've done for me. You are a true friend Elena !"

                            - Tricia Hill Amaya,
                              Chicago, IL

"Thank you for making my mornings so much easier! Although I enjoy make-up, you have taken of the time out of the basics for me. Now I can actually leave the house without spending the time to apply eyeliner and lipstick!

You gave me a very natural permanent eyeliner and took the time to listen to my specifications. You did a great job subtly modifying the shape of my upper lip to make it more symmetrical. The permanent lip color is just bright enough to go shopping with just a little lip gloss, but subtle enough that I can embellish it for a more formal evening look.

Not only do I love what you did for me, but you made the process so much fun. "

                            - Karen Dorman,
                              Wilmette Chamber of Commerce

"hello I just want to let you know I am very pleased with my eyebrows. I have told quite a few people how wonderful you are and the amazing work you do. They look perfect and I couldn't have asked you to do a better job. "

                            - Shana T,
                              Bensenville, IL

"My name is Brenda Flores and I am 26 years of age. I got permanent eyebrows done and it was a wonderful experience. I went into this experience very nervous. Immediately upon arrival to the Chicago Permanent Cosmetics Center everything changed.The hospitality of Ms.Astor and the warm home felt feeling while at the center made me feel so at ease. I am very happy with the results of my procedure at Chicago Permanent Cosmetics Center. I feel and look great. Thank you Ms. Astor."

                            - Brenda Flores,
                              Chicago, Illinois

"Thank you Elena for being so patient with me always. I know it's difficult with my tearing and bleeding but you always do a perfect job. I appreciate everything so much. "

                            - Linda H,
                              New Lenox, Illinois

"Hi, I just wanted to let you know how wonderful of a job Marina did on my eyebrows. Every morning when I wake up and look into the mirror I am so grateful to have natural looking, beautifully done eyebrows. I always recommend your services and I will also be back again! Thank You so much. "

                            - Kathy F,
                              Chicago, Illinois

"Dear Elena,

Just a note to say hello and I wanted to thank you.

My face and lips look great, I can't hardly wait until we finish, the camouflage seems to be working. Elena, the work you do with the corrections scar camouflage is wonderful. The corrections you have made on me make me feel and look so much better, all is good. I'm so happy and I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your work.

See you soon"

                            - Elizabeth Bergos,
                              Madison, Wisconsin

"I honestly thought there was no hope for improving the appearance of my stretch marks until I met Elena from the Chicago Permanent Cosmetics Center. I came to her with extremely bad stretch marks on my upper thighs and rear, which were light in color and deeply ridged. As an African American women, I was always told that nothing could be done in a case like this because laser surgery (which I thought was the only treatment for stretch marks) is risky for women of color. Yet, after only two sessions with Elena, the improvements are nothing short of remarkable (no exaggeration)! The ridges are gone and the lightness of color within the stretch marks have faded substantially - I haven't even completed my treatments. As Residential and Corporate Concierge, reputable recommendations are the success of my business. Elena is extremely knowledgeable and professional and I highly recommend her business."

                            - L. Smith,
                              Chicago, Illinois

"I have always been interested in permanent make-up to save time and also to give my face definition after my make-up was washed off. When I noticed on the Chicago Permanent Cosmetics Center ’s website that it was licensed with the IL Dept of Public Health, I immediately called and made the next available appointment. I met Elena and found that she is super sweet, professional, and made me feel comfortable which eased my nerves. She has a vast knowledge of permanent make-up and thoroughly explained the procedure to me. I am extremely thrilled and very pleased with the results on my lips and eyebrows. Now I don’t have to constantly reapply lipstick throughout the day especially after eating/drinking and I also don’t have to worry about penciling in my eyebrows every morning which I wasn’t very good at :-). Elena has applied my make-up for me, permanently and expertly. The colors she selected were absolutely perfect for my skin tone. She is a true artist and master at her craft. There is no doubt in my mind that Elena is the best. I trust her with all the services that she provides and highly recommend her. I’m very grateful that Elena truly cares about her clients. Thank you so much Elena."

                            - TAM ,
                              Chicago, Illinois

"Good morning Elena:

I wanted to send you some feed back on my eyebrows--- I LOVE THEM! I can not imagine how I lived so long without them! So a very big hearfelt THANK YOU."

                            - Bahar Azari ,
                              Chicago, Illinois

"I've been to a few different places trying to find the best people for maintenance of my skin. Not only is Elena highly educated but she explains everything in detail and is extremely knowledgeable. She also has a great "bedside manner" and is very good at what she does. I've only been to her 4 times but I can't imagine trusting anyone else now that I found her."

                            - Melissa ,
                              Chicago, Illinois

"... BTW, my breasts look fantastic with your micro-pigmentation work"

                            - Jessica Garabedian ,
                              Boston, Masachussetts

"Hi Elena. I really love what you did with my eyes. There is so much more color than before, especially the lower lids"

                            - Amy D. ,
                              Chicago, Illinois

"Elena - you did it!!! My eyebrows are perfect, both of them! These are the brows God didn't give me but you did. I love them! I tried to take a pic for you - it was hard to get it. Trust me - they are perfect!"

                            - Judy K. ,
                              Chicago, Illinois

"Hello Elena,

I am sending you pics of my front part of my arms. As you can see your treatment has really improved my skin and the stretch marks are almost all gone.

I hope more people will take more advantage of your services. Thank you so much for giving me more confidence about myself"

                            - Shalini Reddy ,
                              Austin, Texas

"Good Evening Elena and Michael,

My daughter, Chazz and I were in your center about a month ago for scar removal treatment. We are very pleased with the results so far her scars are fading beautifully. She is more outgoing these days and optimistic about her future in broadcasting. Thank you both for your professionalism and compassion."

                            - Dania J. ,
                              Chicago, Illinois

"Hi Elena,

I just wanted to thank you for your kindness as I go through this new process. I spoke far too soon when I frantically contacted you as my eyebrows changed. Even before the second session they are beautiful! I can't tell you how they have already changed my life! No more wondering how I look after profuse sweating during a workout or when I wake up in the morning (or even if I awaken during the night to use the bathroom). No more discomfort at the thought of a swim or time in the sauna. No more pre-occupation with my brows when it's time to take pictures! Thank you a million times over for being so good at providing such important work and making so many lives easier and more pleasant!!
I look forward to part 2 in a couple of weeks!!"

                            - Angel A. ,
                              Chicago, Illinois

"My eyebrows look great and they haven't even healed yet... Meanwhile, I've already gotten two compliments on how great my brows look. One compliment came from my husband:)
Elena, thanks again. Catch up with you later."

                            - Robin Walker, Host of Tailored Edges™ Chicago's Online Radio Style show

"I still can't believe how good my skin looks ! I have several surgical scars on my face and chest, the result of basal cell. I cover my scars with makeup every morning, because they are fairly obvious.

I'd thought about tattooing over them, to make them less visible. That's when I reached out to Elena. She suggested dry needling treatments to improve the appearance of my scars. I'm so glad I gave it a try !

After just one treatment on two of my scars, they were visibly smaller because fresh skin grew in as the new scars healed. After the second treatment, one scar has virtually disappeared. It blends in so well with the skin surrounding it that I don't even bother to put makeup on it anymore. The other scar is still visible, but smaller than it was before.

I look forward to having my other scars done, now that I know how good they will look. Thanks to Elena, my skin looks better than I even thought possible."

                            - Rose,
                              Elk Grove Vlg, Illinois

"I got my stretch mark removal procedure from you several weeks ago on both sides. Although, there is still some hyperpigmentation i am extremely happy with the results... the right side has onle like two small ones left."

                            - Maryam N,
                              Chicago, Illinois